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Brad Truman, a Pittsburgh native, has been honing his craft for nearly 10 years. His moniker, B-Tru, is his musical philosophy – know your style and own it. From string-heavy disco to minimal tech house to every 4-to-the-floor variation in between, his sets can be as diverse and wandering as they are dance-able and uplifting. His broad yet unique taste has provided him with residencies at a variety of Pittsburgh locales. B-Tru curates a monthly event called Nightshade, featuring Pittsburgh’s finest House DJs including both scene veterans or precocious newcomers. Whether he’s spinning sultry soundtracks or dancefloor dingers, Brad always remains true to his groove.

Brandon Barstow

Brendan Barstow’s musical life is rooted in rhythm. From an early age, Barstow was banging on tables and desks and later an actual drum kit, playing with a variety of post-hardcore bands in high school. When he moved to Pittsburgh to study psychology, the drum kit stayed home and Brendan began channeling his musical energy into production. A curiosity quickly turned into a passion during his initial experiments in experimental bass music. Brendan’s love for house & techno flourished after meeting fellow Pittsburgh producer Alias, and the pair went on to write and perform as their dark UK house/techno moniker Warewolf. Brendan launched his solo production alias in late 2019 with a charting debut titled "Self-Liberation" on Slovenian imprint Innocent Music, created in collaboration with Longturn residents Elias Menninger and Gladstone Deluxe. With releases on Ukrainian outlets Whoyostro and Miaw as well as domestic imprint Andhera Records, Brendan is committed to continue bridging the club culture of the American Midwest with the minimal production aesthetic of the Eastern European scene.

Gladstone Deluxe

Gladstone Deluxe is a D.C.-born musician now based in Pittsburgh. His signature style blends house and electronic music with the rhythmic intricacies of drumming cultures from around the globe. Gladstone’s sound is informed by his background as a classically trained percussionist, having performed with orchestras and bands in concert halls across the country. This deep study of drumming showed him the visceral power in rhythm that motivates movement and inspires dance. The artistic variety in his experience is reflected in his current musical endeavors - he sees his production and DJing as simply another installation in a musical life devoted to rhythm and motion. Gladstone has most recently released music on labels such as Innocent Music, Miaw and Sound Vessel Records. He currently holds residencies as a DJ and performer with Longturn Music, The Yards at 3 Crossings and the Pittsburgh Opera.


Koop's love for music didn't arise until later in life when the Pittsburgh native discovered electronic music as a way to help him escape his 9 to 5 job. His passion for music and obsessive curiosity led him to countless clubs and festivals around the globe, helping to cultivate his characteristic sound. Koop draws heavy influences from dreamy deep house balancing melody, emotion, and groove. After years of DJing parties up and down the east coast, producing his monthly podcast ReKooperate Radio, and curating events with Longturn Music, Koop is making that musical escape his reality. 




Michael Kaiser

Michael has spent the last decade on dance floors and in music shops building a deep collection of records and a wide ranging style that can be mapped to any room. As a Longturn resident and co-founder of House Plants, a vinyl focused monthly party in Pittsburgh, Kaiser can be found playing records around the city. Nothing is truly off limits. Anything from bouncy house to UK bass sounds to speedy techno can be found in his bag. If one common denominator can be found here, it’s a groove.




Noah Svec

With training in classical and jazz music, Noah Svec draws inspiration from both historical movements and cutting-edge releases. Stylistically, Noah leans toward the deeper side of Longturn, playing a diverse range of groovy tunes from all over the world. While primarily known for his live sets, Noah is also honing his production skills on hardware-based compositions that you may find woven into his mixes. In addition to appearances at LT monthlies, you can also find Noah spinning sultry selections each Saturday for Market Street Grocery’s wine bar.




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Patrick Backeris

Pittsburgh native Patrick Backeris has long held a love for electronic music, and in 2016, he began collecting limited press records and digging for the best music of the underground. As a founding member of House Plants Music and a Longturn resident, Patrick quickly popped up on the radar in the Pittsburgh dance music scene. Expect to hear a wide range of influences from US midwest and the UK seamlessly blended together through his sets.




Ryan Schroeder

Since his early years, Ryan Schroeder has been drawn towards music with a deep pocket and steady groove. First manifesting during his start as a drummer; now, Schroeder brings the same focus to the decks. 


His selections favor stripped back instrumentations with a minimalist ethos, while maintaining an air of levity and fun. Listeners can expect a range of influences and styles from minimal house & techno to UK garage and electro, with no genre off limits. As well as being a Longturn resident, Ryan is a founder of the longstanding monthly House Plants party with Michael Kaiser and Patrick Backeris. In addition to his residencies, he has played various events in Pittsburgh and elsewhere, including Hot Mass and Tilt Shift. Expect a departure from the monotonous, an eclectic selection of music brought together by a common vision of rhythm.

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